Nebraska 4-D

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Board of Directors


Secretary/Members........Marlene McGaughey (308) 872-6998

Finals/Awards..........LeeAnn Kucera (308) 750-7860

Finals/Awards..........Samantha VonHeeder (402) 760-3168

Scheduling..........Beth Baxter (308) 440-3776


Our primary purpose is to promote barrel racing to everyone.


NE4D Producer Information Sheet 2016



Dear Producer,

Thank you for hosting a NE-4D sanctioned barrel race. The NE-4D rulebook, membership application, sample entry forms and payoff guide are available on our website for you to download. I can also email the forms to you if you need them. (Just let me know.) There is a payoff calculator on the website that you can download that will figure the payout for you. Please call me if you have any questions.


Also, if you have to cancel/reschedule your run contact me ASAP so that I can get it posted on the NE-4D website and Facebook. If you use Facebook a great place to share information is the group "Nebraska Equine Party." Thanks again!


For Scheduling:

Beth Baxter 308-440-3776



Approval Form

Result Forms

Open Entry Form

Youth Entry Form

Pee Wee Entry Form

Quick Payout Sheet

Payout Calculator



NE-4D, c/o Marlene McGaughey, 44080 Dr. 796, Broken Bow, NE 68822

OR Email Marlene at:


1. Any memberships sold – Please write separate checks for memberships and awards fees.

    Memberships run from finals to finals.

2. Complete results (please include everyone entered, we use that to verify that contestants have

    entered the required one  jackpot per year for finals qualification)  Results can be emailed to

    When results are emailed they can be posted to the NE-4D website within 1-2 days.

  Results that are mailed in hardcopy form to the NE-4D office will take 5-7 days to get posted to

            the website.

3. $1 Awards fee per runner. The NE-4D entry fee structure is as follows: $28 entry fee of which $5 is

    your office charge, $2 for the electric eye charge, $1 awards fee. Only the $1 award fee goes to the

    NE-4D Association to pay for awards for the finals in October. Your entry fee structure may vary

    for co-approved runs.


2016 PeeWee Class


The PeeWee class is for kids 7 and under the day of the barrel race. The entry fee for the PeeWee class will be

      $5 with a 100% payback. (If a PeeWee would rather run in the Youth 8-13 age class, they may do so. However,

        kids 7 & under may only complete in one age restricted class either the PeeWee or Youth at a barrel race.

PeeWee Rule: to compete as a PeeWee in the NE 4-D, a child must be 7 or under the day of the race.

 Producers are not required to have the PeeWee class but may if they choose to.

 Payout for the PeeWee class is at the producer?s discretion.

    At the NE 4-D Finals the PeeWee class will receive prizes.

 NE 4-D State Finals Eligibility: The PeeWee must be 7 or under the first day of the State Finals, have purchased a

         Youth membership and have competed in at least one (1) regular season NE 4-D approved barrel race as a paid

         member prior to October 1, 2016.

  NOTE: A Youth membership is required because a PeeWee may compete as either a PeeWee or a Youth (but not

         both) at the NE 4-D State Finals event.


2016 Youth Class


    The Youth class is for youth ages 8-13 as of the date of the jackpot, with a $15 entry fee.

     Youth Rule: to compete as a youth in the NE 4-D, the youth MUST be 13 or under the day of the race.

    The Youth class will be run in a 4D format with one (1) second splits between each division. The 1D will be set by

         the fastest time of the Youth class and the 2D, 3D, and 4D divisions being 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 seconds respectively

         off the fastest time. Runs with penalties (i.e., hit barrel) will be a "no time".

     Producers are not required to have a youth class but may if the choose to.

     NE4D State Finals Eligibility: The youth must be 13 or under on the first day of the State Finals and have

         competed in at least one regular season NE 4-D approved barrel race in the Youth class as a paid member prior to

         October 1, 2016.


NE 4-D Finals are scheduled for October at the Custer County Fairgrounds in Broken Bow, NE. There will be added money each day (which comes from all memberships dues) – in 2015 there was $3,500 added to the Open for the Saturday Open run and $3,500 added to the Open for the Sunday Open run. Prizes to the top 10 in the average in each division (covered by the awards fee at each NE 4-D approved race). The average is the combined time of the Saturday and Sunday barrel races. There was also $100 added on Saturday and $100 added on Sunday for the Youth class. Prizes will also be given to youth placing in the average. We hope to have as much added money in 2016 as we did in 2015. The NE 4-D State Finals is a "clean slate" barrel race event. No points will be kept or used to determine standings or qualification to the event. To be eligible to compete in the NE 4-D Finals an individual must be a member of the NE 4-D Association in good standing and have competed in at least one (1) approved barrel race prior to October 1, 2016.


There will be a NE 4-D Finals Warm-Up Race held on Friday the evening before the Saturday/Sunday State Finals barrel races. In 2015 there was $500 added to the Open. There will be added money again in 2016. An individual does not have to be a member to compete in the NE 4-DWarm-Up Race.


Quick facts to consider:

    There is a requirement of at least 100 miles between approved NE-4D barrel races on the same day.

    The NE 4-D will approve out-of-state barrel races that are within 25miles of the Nebraska state line.

    NE 4-D barrel races are open to member and non-members. No additional non-member fee will be charged. Non-

         members can compete at approved barrel races, but are not eligible to compete at the NE 4-D State Finals event.

         Non-members may compete in the Warm-Up Race.

    Barrels must conform to a standard 55 gallon barrel.

    Electronic times must be used.


NOTE: If your barrel race is held at a venue/arena that requires any specific vaccinations, certificates or health papers, please include this information on your flyer and any advertisements you do for the event and let me know so that it will be posted on the NE4D website.


Thank you…YOU make the NE-4D a great association.


The NE 4-D Board of Directors sincerely appreciates your commitment to providing quality barrel racing events that our members can compete in and enjoy.




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